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From ceramic coating to steam cleaned exteriors and interiors let us do the dirty work while you enjoy the finished product. 

Best of all we can come to you! We also specialize in vent cleaning to include filters and our latest new add on UV-C atomizing which eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses to include Covid 19! 

Air Vents and Steam

The Premium Touch…

Many of our customers don’t think about it much, but our vent cleaning services are second to none.

When you are in your vehicle you at some point are using your vents for heat or ac distribution.  So breathing in the air should be a clean experience and we are here to ensure you air is of a higher quality! 


Palmetto Steam at work 🙂 

This day in age, we have to be even more aware of our environment.  Especially when it comes to bacteria and viruses! Not to mention the infamous Covid-19! Here at Palmetto Steam we have you covered from exterior to interior 🙂 

We utilize the highest grade steam technology to perform most of our work to your vehicle, home, business, etc. Then we have an add on product using atomizing guns which mist spray disinfectant along with emitting UV-C lighting technology to kill the Covid-19 on the spot along with other bacteria and viruses.

Your health and environment we don’t take lightly.  We founded our business based off of this principle and have worked hard during 2020 to establish an approved method to kill and eliminate Covid-19 from your car, home or business.  

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Eco Friendly